Reviews for "Delta Squad"

Very nice

I used to play gears 2 online all the time. Cuddly Monster. Haha got famous from chainsawing but then became a two peice whore. Moral of the story this song gets me pumped. Makes me want to pump ;P

umm ok i love the song but

i mean i love the song but i just dont like it wen ppl that are obsessed with a game that they post about it and ya i thought republic commando to

Very Good!

Haha at first I thought it was gonna be Star Wars Republic Commando. But it turned out to be Gears of War. Still a very nice piece of music.


When i first heard it i though star wars. but then it transformed into some thing i don't know of. altogether, very nice!


really reminds me of the transformer movie theme song. i agree with noggy; it's pretty short but very well done