Reviews for "Delta Squad"


This song is really addicting, I've marked it down by one because I don't think it's long enough.

When listing to this it really reminded me of Tom Clancy sound tracks, like, I could actually imagine this in one of his games.


This is really good, I joined NG just to comment and tell u this is amazing (OK I was already thinking of getting an acount but ur the straw that broke the camel's back). Keep it up. I give u a 9 coz I know u can do better. the middle bit where contemporary and classic collide was amazing but too short, it went too quickly into the sudo MGS soundtrack (which I also love by the way)

Pretty Good

THe begginng was a little slow but towards the middle is were i started to love it great song you should make some more

Very good

I easily noticed the Gears of War influence. The second half reminds me of the scene in Gears 2 where the COG got done protecting the hospital and The Chairman is giving his speak to the COG and people of Jacinto.

Good stuff

I noticed that this seemed pretty influenced from Gears of War before I even listened to it (noticed the name). Did it also seems pretty influenced by either "Transformers" or "MGS". Either way, it works out really well in the end for a continuous and great sound throughout.

Good Job, and I hope to see more from you.