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Reviews for "DnB-X005 Drum Machine"

WOW awesomeness.........

This is a great thing to play along with and since i can't afford a real drum machine i get if for free yay. if there is a downloadable version then tell me i must have it

LEMITUDE responds:

WOW awesomeness... what an accolade alex!!! Thanks alot!

It sounds like you need to save your pennies and get yourself a copy of Fruity Loops, or Acid Pro (maybe even Reason)... you'd have great fun with those.

Thanks again mate :)


That was truly imprressive! I spent at least 3 hours remixing the tunes! I play bass and drums, so thanx for the awesome beats but a little more effort to bass wouldnt hurt. Awesome submission bro!
P.S.If you vote low on this you are an idiot and are cordialy invited to suck my penis until I ejaculate in your face.


That was pretty good, I like the percent loaded thing being the cursor, very tasteful


good game :)


I'll say this is the best gadget.....!!!!!!!!
More beats will be better........
Make 2th one please!!!!!!!!