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Reviews for "DnB-X005 Drum Machine"

i like it

put it on the audio portal

LEMITUDE responds:

Im glad you like it crimson.


Im not sure how i could put it on the AP though. (although i might upload a couple of my old DnB tunes there)


That's all I can say
this thing Rocks
ROX MY SOX i tell you
keep up
put more baselines next time
and i liked to see that u r replying to many ppl here
it's very nice of u man
keep um MU NIGGA :D

LEMITUDE responds:

Heh, thanks lunatic (you're not a real lunatic are you? if you are... DONT HIT MY FACE.. JUST TAKE THE MONEY!!!) hehe, jk of course.

Im glad it rocked your socks and its funny you mentioned more basslines - i actually had a few more but didnt include them for file size/complexity issues.

And well, if someones taken the time to leave comments... its only fair and polite for me to reply (although its taken me about 2 hours to get thru 'em!! [waves fist])... time for dinner me thinks.

Thanks again for your comments you crazy luni you, lol :D


Good game but I never really was good in these types of games lol :P anyways keep up the good work or else....*shakes fist*



best game ive played so far i love it ive been looking for a game like this sweet man sweet


this was likley the best online of its kind great effects and realism