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Reviews for "DnB-X005 Drum Machine"


nice :)
i voted a 5 :D ( from begining) i just forgot to post a review :X

Nice Loader!!

I give you an overall 10 for the kickass loader at the beginning. The board was ok, and it looked cool. Not as interactive as i would like and things were WAY to slow. Also the "beats" section only played one beat (bug?). Overall I have been more entertained by taking a dump.

too good to be true!

Usually I have some praising stuff to say, or some nitpicking, but this thing is just too much fun to go on about. Keep it up!


wow one of the best ive used lol serious i found it fun. good job!


A snazzy rythmatic musical generating flash. Sounds are great. Practice song is fun here too. Hope there is a another with a larger board of sounds.