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Reviews for "TCB - no_title (dubstep)"

i luv choon

nice adaptation of the tune
but i cant really describe what genre this song falls under.
but its damn good anywayz

Very nice

I really enjoyed this song. Keep them coming. What program did you use btw?

thecokebitch responds:

Thanks, for this song i used just fruityloops and a fuckload of plugins...
As for new tunes, ive submitted 3 new dubstep ones since =P


pretty good. its a good song overall but you know, it would be kinda nice if it were just a smidgen more grimey...or dubstep-ish; and maybe inbetween you could add more of a variety, like after the intro when the song kind of tells you how its going to play out, maybe about 8-16 bars after you could add kind of a little detour and then put the original...uh...chorus back in. but its still great. looking forward to hearing more :)

sorry about my bad vocabulary :B

Title: Streets R Hurr!

I've been a fan of the Streets for a while since his 1st hits came out n stuff..Nero's stuff I haven't but I will look forward hearing him soon.

Likewise this is wicked stuff man. Awesome dubstep, reminds me of the southern trap music used down south from the U.S.A (Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi,etc.), and it never hurts to do something DRRRTY like how we do it.

Give me some more kickin dub step for the hard knockers!

thecokebitch responds:

Haha, yeah the streets are awsome - but the reason why i pay tribute to them, is because im recycling a melody used in a streets tune, and a nero's remix of it... a little bit uncreative on my part :-(

And yeah man, ive got two new dubstep tunes (completely mine, melody and all) that i'll be releasing on ng soonish, both are somewhat in their final/intermediate stages of production atm...


You know I usually only like the grimiest dub there is to offer but this is an exception. Great job man