Reviews for "Daily2oon08252005"


what the guy below me said...

How can people like this crap?

Ok, I have watched a few of these Daily2oons, read about their history, and lurked through their reviews, and I still don't understand how people like this crap!!!

Graphics: I liked the menu, but thats about it graphics-wise. (5/10)

Style: Sorry, but the "style" here seems to be projected towards idiot brainless flash junkies, not people with a good sense of it. (0/10)

Sound: Liked the intro, but again, thats about it. Couldnt stand the annoying sound from jetninjin's part. (5/10)

Violence: Okay, no real violence, but the part done by Blam_Master and also MisfitBlobs implied violence in a way, so I guess I have to give some points. (3/10)

Interactivity: Menu was about it...if only the rest of this stuff was as good as the menu.... (3/10)

Humor: Don't find anything funny about this crap. (0/10)

Overall: Like I say above, make the WHOLE FLASH as well done as the MENU and you may have something worth my time. (2/10)