Reviews for "Mario & Luigi 1-1"

not so good.

are you a kid? you really sound like a kid. anyways, it was ok... i just dont get the beggining. so could u answer me bak so i could get the beggining? i just know that luigi died cuz the animation looked kinda sloppy in the begging. So could u answer me bak? please?

Mario looks like a crack-head

Mario doesn't look or sound anything like himself at all, except for the colors. The mustache was disconnected for Christ sakes. Anyway, that was pretty bad, and Luigi died in a coffee fire (wtf???).


Hey, I dont see why this needed 3 people to make...

But anyway, Im 13 and I could do better...

To much Tweening.
Not enough fram by frame voice doesnt match at all...

For 15 years old, sounds like a little kid....

All in all, better than most of the major crap put on this site so,

7 outta 10

Show-R-Studios responds:

Wait so you gave me 7 but you gave
Graphics: 0 Sound: 0 Interactivity: 0 Style: 0 Violence: 0 Humor: 0 Overall: 7?

erm okay

this is strange first off improve your drawings second don't use gradient too much third um work on your animation it was kinda bad but the overall was average and also um Try to get a new person to be mario No offense but the one I watched does not sound like mario he or she sounds like a 10 year-old if you fix that then it will be awesome


P.S That was minted!

Show-R-Studios responds:

The thing i have to say is that i don't like Pokemon:( but i do like your little animation with the big explodey thing with that girl on your web.Maybe we can one day work on a flash together?


P.S check your buddys list pending