Reviews for "Mario & Luigi 1-1"

i should hav blamed you but it was 2 much humor!!!

omg this was cr@py!!!! but it was so funny."5 long hours later.......stuff do happen'' that was practicaly th e funniest part!

it was ok...

the graphics were pretty nice that deserves a nice big 10, but the sound (the voices) wasnt too good. the voice acting needs to improve. but youre making another so by then maybe it has improved. humor needs to improve also. i didnt quite get the beggining though. nice menu though. im voting 4/5. im giving you an 8.


that was an ok job the voices need work though and it was random for luigi to be fiddling around with what ever he had

not bad

OK, but grafigs are SCARED. I dont like it

Can't wait for the one.

Good animation with a solid story line. The only thing that didn't make any sense was how Luigi died. Was his sandwich moving or something? In the next version fix the voices and mabey have Bowser being that "shy lawyer" in disguise. Also, good menu :).


Show-R-Studios responds:

Luigi died when his sandwitch would not stand still while he was getting his coffe:) =I and bowser is going to appear in the second one.