Reviews for "Mario & Luigi 1-1"

Nice Try

Eh This flash was decent. I mean the voice acting in this flash was poorly done and made. The graphics where the only good thing in this flash video. The humor you added was not that good. It could of been alot funnyer. You did a good job on it. Try a little harder next time.

Good try but............

you need voice actors for one thing because mario did sound like a little kid and it just sounded weird.

Im giving the graphics a 10 because they were really good

mario's voice gave me nightmares!!!

It was ok but if you make another one have characters talk in bubbles or something because your voice creeps me out, really i just had a nightmare with that voice...mario looked creepy too but it seems you put a lot of work into it so thats cool. And WTF is luigi doing, how the hell does coffee catch on fire? 3/5 for u

yeah, wut he sayd

well, yeah, it wuz crap. sry man, the storyline is weak, it shows some potential though. By the way, wtf happened w/ luigi?!? all i saw was him putting stuff together and then his coffey catches on fire! what is tht?! needs a lot of work on the graphics. 1/5


I do not know what to say as far as this flash goes. Really impressive what you did with the echo. Kinda disappointed that Luigi died in the first ten seconds, but you made up for it with 2 seconds of Neo...that is all.