Reviews for "Mario & Luigi 1-1"

It was not that good, but not that bad 4 a pg 3'er

call the cartoon "Luigi's Will"

first, leave out neo. Second, add bgm (background music), give the Mario Bros. hair, conect the mustach, I liked how you drew that castle, daisy wasn't well drawn, and use regular colors. Not bad for something on the third page. But, no wonder it was on the third page! REALY!

ps, use sprites instead. You have potential.

Show-R-Studios responds:

what the hells a pg 3'er


you movie is bullshit it's not one bit funny its boring and your a gay asshole.

5 people worked on this!?

this movie sucks, the graphics look good at first but then it hits you when you see how luigi's arms move, it's mediocr, and after a character says something, there is an annoying pause between sentences. the only good thing i can think of is that ive never seen a flash with graphics like this, but thats not always a good thing. my suggestion is to stick to sprits next time and use text and not voices cause you should wait till puberty lol. Also, the only reason this made the mario collection was because you wouldint shutup about it!!!!

wasnt funny at all

it wasnt funny at all the sound was crap so was the grapics and the storyline is just stupid

I want 2-1 NOW!!

In the movie, Mario gets about $5. And the rest of the money goes to Daisy right? I WANT MARIO TO KILL DAISY AND GET THAT MONEY BACK!!!! Or at least.... steal the money. At least get that money. And fix Mario's voice.