Reviews for "Mario & Luigi 1-1"


You make Jerry Jackson's 'cart2ns' have meaning. Anyone who votes 10 on this ruins the entire system of rating on this site, making the whole portal worthless. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Honestly, a 10 is supposed to be something that can't possibly be any better, and you're saying that this can't possibly be any better? Your names being mario, seeing all your favorite's mario related animations, and seeing what you consider to be "perfect" leads me to believe all of you masturbate to Mario related pornography on a regular basis. Please save the future and kindly remove your genitals promptly upon reading this. You give reason to abortion.


i kind off like it

Garbage garbage and nothin more

Not bein rude or anythin it plain sucked. I mean jesus christ it had no story or meanin...it was shit. i no u must have worked hard to make it but don't you think you could have worked just a little harder to make it interesting or atleast have substance? Come on now...


Why does Mario feel like partying when he's tired?

Pretty good

Pretty good! Scratch that; sweet is what I ment to say!

dang funny too.

p.s: Just to let you know a pg 3'er is something on page three. I thought I'd just let you know! ;D