Reviews for "Mario & Luigi 1-1"

That was retarted!

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It sucks

It sucks fucking balls man
Heres a list of whatswrong with it:
1. How does luigi catch on fire when the coffie spills?
2.The voice was total bs no accent whats so ever
3.Its barely given a 2 on the score thing
4. It was just that bad
thats all i got to say

Wtf was that

i looked like luigis arm was possed with some shit flying around under his arms
and then something catches on fire and he dies?
and whats up wtih the voice acting
sounded stupid

fucking sucked ass

dude honestly.... THIS WAS FUCKING RETARDED. First of all go through puberty, you sounded like a little pussy, and the story and everything sucked balls.

A 10 year old flash.

Not up to even 2005 standards,good beginner flash i suppose.