Reviews for "Mario & Luigi 1-1"

This isnt a game

Only put something in the game section if its a game. thats not the reason for the low score tho. the reasons are:
voiceovers are pretty badd, work on it, or have some frends that can do a good mario impression do the voices, because ur mario and luigi sounded the same.
art was good, but the heads could be more round, rather than that flat back thing u hav going on
and if your going to say theres choices in ur comment, make sure there in the movie.

was this not supposed to be a game

the voice work could be better and also the graphics, there was the possibility for something good here but i was disapointed

Show-R-Studios responds:

for some reason the thing got messed and turned it to a game


i gave u a 5/5 cuz i wana see da continued part like wat happens so i hope u dunt get blammed jus make da next one!

Show-R-Studios responds:

oh im already work'in on it


It was okay. I probably threw away a perfectly good blam point protecting this, but I think this has a lot of potential. Some refining to the script and the artwork, and a little better voice acting, and this could turn into a real gem.

a good start, but not good enough

Horrible voice acting and voice quality. Story line is a little dry and somewhat rediculous. Not the worst thing I've seen today but definately bottm 1/4 of them.

Show-R-Studios responds:

OK i know the voice acting sucked but still i saw a stick movie that was 3 seconds long today and got threw