Reviews for "Mario & Luigi 1-1"

wow that was totaly awesome i loved it keep it up

wow that was totaly awesome i loved it keep up the good work. although i do not usually like mario flash animations this one was just to funny and good i loved it. i hope you make more. you rocked my socks!

Show-R-Studios responds:

THANX I worked hard on this!but i could'nt get the voices so great


Srry man but i freaked out because i couldn't hear your voice all the time,
if you got a brother or sister ask him if he would like to do play a character role (sister could be daisy).

PLZ do that and update it

are u gay?

for a fat plumber voice, ur voice is very girly. has someone kicked mario in the bals or something? anyway the graphics are nice keep it up ( but get another voice actor )!


first off the movie sucks second off it's not a game third of all dont voice act if you voice is that annoying so it gets a 2.

ok dude...

well please dont call it a game when its a movie first of all and second cut out the silence and put in some music and better voice acting... and ur animation was pretty good for hand drawn so u get a 5 i guess sorry but its misleading for it to be a game and its not realy that good although it would kick my animations ass so keep up the nice animation and improve the sound ... story was ok other then the partying part too...