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Reviews for "Mario's Jump In 2 (HR)"

they are getting boring

another mario cartoon another pixilated wasted of time but i like the way its in super mario 2 that games gr8

excellent movie

Nicely done Mario movie.This was one of the best mario flashes i've seen.

I liked it.

Their lots of flash movies like this but this one's a bit better.

well okay

this wasnt bad but it would be alot worse if it didnt have to do with mario becase almost all mario things get a good rating so get a bit better and then make up ur own people then u should be just fine

the good thing about you series is

it doesn't take you a year to come out with a fucking sequal so congrats on that. Few points off for unoriginality but still was a nice spin off. Now if you could come up with your own little project i bet you'd get a lot more suporting fans and id guarentee id be one of them