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Reviews for "Mario's Jump In 2 (HR)"


I gave you all 10's for this one because of 2 Marios saving the princess from the clutches of Wart instead of Bowser (again) and like I said at my other review of the 1st sequel of this: I'm Mario's, bigger than huge, fan, but 2 of them. Hence, I also gave you a 10 for fire Mario wearing a cape, because in the actual game I tried giving Fire Mario a cape and it just turned him into cape Mario, even for the gameboy version it does that. But another thing: How come Birdo didn't say anything? I mean, when I my friend played the gameboy version of SMB2 and I watched, Birdo said, "I'm gonna finish you off!" before the fight began. Secondly, when she got hit, she said, "Unh!" and when she's beaten, she was really mad and I for got what she said when she died in that game. Seriously, I know about SMB2 for the gameboy advance. But you still did perfect. Excellent work. I love it.

Totally Awesome!

Awesome... I'm Speech Less


i can't even saying something!!!

a great flash

i liked your series almost as much as rise of the mushroom kingdom.


i am becomin a big fan of your mario flashes, i hope there are more to come, well done keep up the great work!