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Reviews for "Mario's Jump In 2 (HR)"


both of the mario's jump in(s) were awesome... i was pretty confused but i still liked it, i didnt know who was in who's world until the end when it was announced so that was pretty awesome... good work


very nice but... maybe you should make a marios jump in 3

Better yet...

This was better thank the first, however... I really think you could have put more into what was going on. In fact, I think you should have a 3rd and put alot more story or something into it.

This was Great!!!


1. Where is Luigi?
2. How did the peace got restored when they just saved princess Peach?
3. Where did the flying carpets come from?
4. Did Bowser or Wart vanish or something?
5. Who freed the "Toad's"

Nice flash by the way!


how can peace be restored after Peach is safed? I mean, no bosses were defeated or anything! Or, wasn't peace restored yet? Great flash by the way.