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Reviews for "Mario's Jump In 2 (HR)"

Its sad...

People give low reviews because they dont get it... the only reason they DONT.. is because they didnt watch Rise of MC And/or The first part... But this was perfect


I'm afraid I dont understand this story, I mean there wasn't a fight or anything, they just did go trew the whole castle and find peach and it's done, I found this pretty boring. Next time maybe you can do an little more action in it or something, tough the graphics were good and so. (:


yeah...hhhmmm....the plot that u tried wasn't so clear but i kinda guessed what u tried to make happen happen...unfortunately i though this was boring...there was no true excitement...i don't mean to compare this to ROTMK but it doesn't compare at all...doesn't even come close. u should have avoided close-ups b/c the sprites look horrible...if u make another series give it a better plot and more excitement...nice attempt though =)

Very good!

You did an excellent job on taking place in rise of the mushroom kingdom. Keep up the good work!


The first was fantastic! But this is better! 10/10! I have to tell you, this is one of my favorite movies ever! What can I say? You're awesome, dude!