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Reviews for "Mario's Jump In 2 (HR)"

Awsome I Loved It!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a lot better than the first one, and I loved the fight with birdo!!

Cream-E responds:

Thanks dude. I needed to hear that. :)

Great visuals

You pulled off some great visual scenes in this one. The continuity of the plot seems a bit wonky. If not following the storyline of RotMK, you at least followed the style. It would be interesting to see a full blown collab between you and Randy.

it was good but

not as good as the first. I mean i liked the idea of a fan flick of the real mushroom kingdom, who wouldn't? But its not a very good flick. The first was good cause it was similar and made alot of promises for the sequel. I was expecting mario appearing and seeing himself fight wart as he did in the RMK. Something like the back to the future thing. And mario would try to help himself without seeing himself. I understand its a parrell universe and not the past or future or anything but this kind of concept would have made it a whole lot better. Basically what you have done in this is create fight scenes thats too similar to the game making it a bit tedious and boring at times. In the second one you've moved so far away from the RMK plot that it doesnt seem like a fan flick, but an entirely new piece of flash. This actually have been better had it not been a fan flick but it is suposed to be. There was hardly any scenes from RMK. Mario interecepting scenes such as the boswer castle invasion or saving himself instead of luigi could have all been used. I'm not saying its bad but it could have been better

Its been done!

It was a good spin off from RotMK but the Wario and Waluigi bit didnt make sense you should continue it.

Cream-E responds:

I suggest you go watch Mario's Jump In 1

what happen to you????

hey dude, i love the first part, but i dont want to sound rude, but this one, completely SUCKS!!!
you got nice sounds, and good stuff, but the story, kind of change, the first part was cool, and the second was confusing, and the end was not cool, it was like a hurry ending, it look that you made this movie very fast, like if you need to finish it for today, or i dont know, please when you make another movie, make it more interesting....

Cream-E responds:

If you didn't want to sound rude. You would express how you felt about this movie appropriately. And not blurt out it "SUCKS!!!".