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Reviews for "Mario's Jump In 2 (HR)"


look this flash was alright bt goddamit if yer gonna make a fighting flash at least put a boss fight in it....SHEESH!

Cream-E responds:

Birdo's a boss retard. LMAO!

OMFG so bloody and violent

OMG this flash was so bloody and violent I practically barfed all over myself. BUT I was able to hold it in since I wanted to finish watching this stupendous (stupendious?) movie. I think the focus should've been less on sonic and more on mario seeing as how its called MARIO's jump in not Sonic's. This was probably longer than all 4 of the ROTMK's combined which is like...25 minutes so yeah sorta got boring at parts but all the fart jokes brought it back to life. I think when samus is running from the dinosaur you should've added a little more animation on the dinosaur it sorta just bounced around it wasnt really walking. I understand that you had to hand draw the dinosaur (actually it might've been ripped from Bart's Time Machine I'm not sure) but if you spent like 5 extra minutes moving the legs it would've owned, still pretty sweet though. One thing I dont understand, Mario didn't kill wart or anything he just sorta rescued the princess and all of the sudden the mushroom kingdom wasnt enslaved anymore how does that work? Oh well okay moving on, whered you get those ape escape sprites? I've been looing for them for like ever. Alrighty, I LOVED all the detail in the little things like the zelda's hat! I mean if you zoom in its got like the most intricate designs ever on it! theres like 2 dragons and a panda playing monkey in the middle on it i mean its fricken nuts! great job! can't wait for part 4!

pretty good

these movies were great, i liked the concept of mario getting sucked into the computer and being in his own movie

I liked it

cos im a good fan of mario and played a lot of his games. i understand it really well. u hav done a good job

It was GOOD!

It was good but I need more story!!!