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Reviews for "Mario's Jump In 2 (HR)"

umm how did peach get captured?!

you need to put in a story or some thing. Other then that it was pretty good.

problems with Plot

It was obviously a good flash and nicely animated but the problem I had was the story. It was a bit confusing. Also at times it felt like some of the events in the story were a bit akward. for example the way peach and the mario's escaped was not really explained well and just felt odd. There were also a couple of other problems with the plot but other than that it's an awsome sprite movie and I just love the detial you put into the background of each scene. I'm sure I will use this flash along with others to help me with my sprite movies. good work.

Mario goodness in effect.

Very nice recycling of old mario sprites. Interesting concept, but I'm not exactly sure how the caped Mario got into the other dimension. Nice scaling, pretty wipes, blah blah. You get a 7. ;)

Could be better.

It wasn't really that entertaining. The levels seemed to easy and boring.

Not a parody of Rise of the Mk.

Let me sum it up. First, you had a lot of unessicary text boxes. Second, NO BOSS FIGHT?! Where the fuck was wart then?! Third, you got lazy with it and turned it into crap.

Cream-E responds: