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Reviews for "Mario's Jump In 2 (HR)"

Mario has the rarest power-up of all, the mixshroom. When you have 2 power-ups in reserve and the mixshroom in your accessories, it combines the two items. (It's a canceled power-up from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. It was in the beta but was remove because it made the game too easy.)


what? The story takes place on subcon, even in Wart's castle but WHERE IS WART?!!

@sambammer No...

No one gives a crap about toads. Do they do anything in any of mario's super awesome adventures in the games? NO! All they do is stay back at the castle, "Protecting" the princess, as they call it. But the truth is they drug her and you can figure the rest. also, hwen they're done with her every time they just send her to bowser then tell mario she was kidnapped.


You should make one show like this but with Power Star! :)


i think mario can only be fire mario or caped mario at once not both

Cream-E responds:

Haha, that's the beauty of animating these things!