Reviews for "hello?!"


i have neighbors just like these!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's the funniest thing I've heard all day! Art was good, it has a style that fits & it works well for this, animation was smooth enough. I can't help but wonder if that (Asian?) guy knows his phone convo is on the net & just how many people are laughing at it. <LOL>


Man, I loved that. Thank God for hilarious WAV files. My computer's filled with 'em.

I liked your style, facial expressions, and effects.

Keep 'em coming my good man.

How a newspaper makes that much conflict

Lol it was good, the people were good just get your houses a bit better and you've got it :)

funny as hell

wow. really funny flash. i laughed my ass off, and i showed it off. Fucking awsome. great job.