Reviews for "Metal Slug: Revenge"

Did you ever know that you're my hero?

Amazing, James. Just amazing. I still can't believe this is your first NG flash--it's way better than most of the stuff here. I bet you win an award!

Just so you know, you earned my ten and five, they're not just 'cause you rock my world. :)

Absolutely brilliant!

Thats got to be one of the best Metal Slug parodies i've ever seen! 'The slugnoid outranks me?' lol, i want more!


well I'll jusyt do a list of why this movie rocked

Graphics- who says sprites can't be awesome

Style- something new love it

Sound-aside from hearing the mic every now and again it was really good voice ( Ian, Reese )

Violence- one frag grenade is good enough for me

Interactivity- I got to press the play button!!

Humor- funny funny funny

Will you make a sequel please please pretty please

That movie was hilarious!I hope you make a sequel!I think the funniest part was when Trevor comes in and Eri says "Get back in your cage!"And zaps Trevor with a tazer.I have not laughed that
hard in my whole life.

Connoisseur responds:

Hehe. That was a pretty generous review. Glad you liked it. I actually started a sequel, but some computer problems slowed down the production heavily. I'll try to finish it sometime, though.


how do u do that i have the sprites but i dont know how to make a movie