Reviews for "Metal Slug: Revenge"

That was great!!!

I really liked it, your movie is so cool. I really love the game to do with metal slug which I used to play for hours with my brother so to see a movie really topped it off! I loved the humor and the backdrops and characters were very well put together!
I hope to see some more movies by you!

Will you make a sequel please please pretty please

That movie was hilarious!I hope you make a sequel!I think the funniest part was when Trevor comes in and Eri says "Get back in your cage!"And zaps Trevor with a tazer.I have not laughed that
hard in my whole life.

Connoisseur responds:

Hehe. That was a pretty generous review. Glad you liked it. I actually started a sequel, but some computer problems slowed down the production heavily. I'll try to finish it sometime, though.


Geez...Marco Marco Marco....why does everyone have to make fun of Marco so much? *sigh* Oh well. that was hilarious.


The ending was so funny lol Marco was so stupid he gives a banana to Tarma man he sucks LOL this was so funny HAHAHA


hey i kinda like it....also Fio's seiyuu....and LOL at what Tarma said "Marco,there's a spider in the showers kill it,kill it please" hehe and sorry for telling you that MSDB is down...

Connoisseur responds:

Thanks for the good review, although I have no idea what you mean by "Fio's seiyuu". And the MSDB is down again? That happens way too often.