Reviews for "Metal Slug: Revenge"


Hey, it's John from MSDB here =)

Extremely well-done sprite animation, it was hilarious =D good job and keep it up!


graphics :2: sprites, nothing original. and non sprite art is shoddy
style: 2: nothing new as I said
sound: 5: voice acting isn't bad, and it has good FX
interactivity: 1: a play button, hurrah
humour: 3: meh, nothing that funny
overall:5: work on it :)

that thing is sweet

awesome job man, good use of graphics from the actual game but the art wasnt the best, and there were a few too many silent pauses the Voice overs were extremely well overall it was a well done flash with a hilarious story line in other words it kicked ass

Pretty Funny...

Although, some of the aprts with silence took a little longer than necessary. But the music addition was great for the scenes with nothing taking place. You really captured the passion with the voice acting too. A great flash with minor flaws. That, and I say a bleep of a glitch on movement and the base was mediocrely drawn, it didn't fit in well. GREAT JOB, KEEP WORKING!!!!


Damn good.. and funny.