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Reviews for "Sonic Tribute Collab"

very good

i thought that was very good. the one thing that bothered me though was the part where tails kicked robotnik (thats right ROBOTNIK not eggman, i REFUSE to call him eggman) and he went right down. tails is a pussy, little girls slap harder than he kicks. other than that i liked it, good graphics good song nicley put together. you get one of my Cyhort Salutes. (dont you feel special)

Very nice

I thought it was pretty cool myself. Nice and original, just like it should be. Maybe if you guys don't mind if you can give some pointers seeing as how I plan to get started soon! The thing I enjoyed most about this collab is that there was alot motion added and the characters weren't stiff like alot of animaton. Especially Slowshadows, very nice animation technique. Anyhow I look forward to more animation guys and girls.

RIGHT ON !1!1!1!

that was a real nice collection of sonic flash clips it rocked sonic RAWKS

solwshadow and doom fox

art is cool

The101sonic-shadow, The music is open your heart from sonic adventure. also, this is a great flash nice job!