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Reviews for "Sonic Tribute Collab"

how low the hedgehog has fallen

I liked this movie it was a nice tribute and thus its in my fav.

sigh ¬_¬

what happen to the good ol' sonic.
none of this evil counterparts, more
pointless characters, robotnixs new
look, or them having the absurd
ability to go super saiyen...yes,
its pretty much what it is. the collab
wasnt too shabby, but it didnt really
seem that entertaining, more or less
monotonous. plus the cheesy music
became repititive over time, ugh;
nothing new or interesting too.
score: **

Good but...

Ive been a sonic fan my entire life, played ALL of the games, and this was pretty good, but some parts were not true to the sonic games (shadow going gold, he's supposed to go silver. :P) among other things, but overall it brought back many memories, very nice job.


This is the best sonic tribute i've ever seen. All of you should do like a 5 part movie or something, I believe all of you can do it together.


This was pretty cool, i am a sonic fan yes n' deedy but some of the animation wasent too good. Not trying to insult but its the truth and some of the segments didnt exactly have a understandable story line.