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Reviews for "Sonic Tribute Collab"

kinda pointless

that was pretty pointless. it was too long. and if im not mistaken it had a guy form halo in it???

...............i hated it

Haha trick the viewers!! just kidding. best sonic tribute i have ever seen!! you guys should get together more often and make some more of these!!! That rocked!! great great great great all i can say. It is worth watching, even if you dont like anything but comedy (like me a while ago).




okay, a couple of the authors on their kicked TOTAL ass, like, godly and amazing, truly worthy or a sonic tribute.... but the bulk of them... well i felt embarresed watching.. that's how bad they were...

Ultimate_TH, hyper active youth, and Doom_Fox, you guys are gods amoungst swine

Very nice

It was really good. My favorite part was Ultimate_H,s.