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Reviews for "Sonic Tribute Collab"

i mean

it had its gay moments where the animation was crappy no names named but other wise it was a ok colab. And the original sonic beat the crap out of the gay new sonics

bah... well

its like this.. you mixed some art work from very very diffrent styles (, you mixed pro's whit amateurs) and that sort of gives the viewer a sense of lost and not realy feeling the movie.
Some artwork realy realy realy sucked i mean o_O !
but some were very nicely drawn and smoothen that was good!

Btw the guy who came up whit master chief bieng a thief O_O n1


Now dont get me Worng i Love sonic, well no thats not entirely true i love old sonic i hate Adventure, why you may ask? because its crap, all tehse new useless characters. Shadow is the only not so useless one, but even then he is a plan waste of space. Amy should not be in sonic(unless she was the way she is in Sonic CD which was a much less whiney version of her stupid ass) Now for this Perticual work.

Its based on Adventure why is sad(allthought the menu is a song from the older sonics which is allways good, First off the Art lvl Between the artist is Drastic, some of the artist are extremely good while others are pure shit. its acually quite sad. As for the song i would have much rathered one from Sonic 1, There is a hgue collection of Sonic Songs at Ocremix org or Vgmix com that are 100x better then this peice of shit adventure one. but at least they didnt Call Docter Ivan Robotic, Dr.Eggman that shit pisses me off to no end.

anyway you get a 7 out of 10 because it was sonic and because of the better artists.

nice but graphics...

y did u copy differant graphics from differant ppl next time if u make anything like that stick to 1 graphics can ya please

apart from the graphics the flash was great nice work


This is a great Collab of the sonic stories. Those are two of my favorite songs (I love sonic music I have a CD with their music, and my alarm clock wake-up song is 'It Doesn't Matter'), but you really should have put in Live and Learn for when shadow (who is awesome) was shown!

P.S.- Forte_DSP: I don't think that Open Your Heart was a Crush 40 song. Crush 40 did make What Im Made Of, however. Crush 40 was created during Sonic Heroes' time from all of the other Sonic Song creators, all together in a band!