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Reviews for "Sonic Tribute Collab"

Sonic Tribute Collab rocks!

This is a tribute to Sonic that should be included on a Sonic dvd as a bonus feature. The animations sound and style kick some serious butt. The artists that worked on this should give themselves a hearty pat on the back.


Sonic Heroes was trash, but that's not what matters. It was insanely long and in every scene hypersonic kept appearing in an anime-like fashion. It was tedious to say the least. But whose idea was it to include Master Chief? That was the final straw.

Great Collab

I thought it was a great collab and that everyone did sonic justice. The choice of music was good too. It fitted the flash perfectly. Some parts were better than others but they were are all good.

Oh god...

This really sucked, I hate the fact that NOW people are doing collabs and that took all the points from style, you're only doing what everyone else is doing.

is not a tribute in someways how u animate this.

when sonic was super sonic or hyper sonic which was in sonic and knuckles i think when it was connected to sonic 3 never had sonic shoot stuff like dragon ball z so that lowered the score and second sonic isn't going to blow a huge chunk off the world probally killing people which the way sega made the games soni wouldnt kill people or blow up the polace he lives on. the part that was 3-d was good but it isnt exactly tributing towards it with the dbz things, the aura think he had so that was also animated well ending with a 6 overall.