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Reviews for "Sonic Tribute Collab"


this has some excellent art ultimate TH had nice effects and doom fox had funky 3D animation and OH MY GOD hyperactive youth has the best drawings i have ever seen in my life

Wow not bad

Doom_Fox & Ultimate_TH where im sorry to say by far the best animators Ultimate_TH's animation was animation i was smooth and very well done and Doom's art was very good indeed. The rest where paled in comparison in fact they very slightly brought down the standard of the movie...


Everyone Bravo, I tip my hat off to all of you hard working artists. I have seen alot of Sonic the Hedgehog flashes and tributes and this was excellent. Everyone worked hard and their efforts have paied off greatly. If anyone says that this was bad in anyway, they are either not a Sonic fan or a moron who like to tick people off.
Again, everyone bravo.


Sorry I gave it a 5 cause there was to many diffrent artist and some artist are AWESOME and other sucked Doom_Fox was the best but other people just SUCKED and I am glad u ended with Doom_Fox cause if u ended with some one who sucks I would be mad!


It was good i guess