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Reviews for "LL - Fire and YOU"

yeah i read those rules

im officialy in the lock legion!and i huh...need someone to make flash movies for me...if youre interested(wich at 99% i believe you are not)well i cant show u my email adress...but it contains djman_666(then there is the little a commercial or whatever its called)hotmail(dot)com,i know you wont wanna but i tried....damn noob i am....i suck at flash but you dont!please?....no?....damnit :(

MasterLock responds:

If you can't make flash, the strict admins/mods will likely ban you. Better start learning!


SIGN ME UP MISTER!OR TELL ME WHERE TO,CAUSE IM JOINING THE LOCK LEGION!!!!!!!!!!!!!and i hope someone of the lock legion will make a movie about it.....no?...aw :(...

MasterLock responds:

www.locklegion.com make sure you read the rules, we have tons of banned noobs who don't read the rules. :)

Old-timey fun!

Awesome old-school movie dude!

MasterLock responds:

Thank you kind sir :)

Lock hawtness <3

Great flash , good thougt of ;)
Make more great flashes in the future

-Swizard <3

MasterLock responds:

<3, I'm making a much better one right now.

Vagina! ^-^

Wah! What happen to Waterlock?? o.o Noooo....!

MasterLock responds:

And now we bow our heads in silence, of Water's sacrifice to save me from my awkward spontaneous combustion...lol. May he make 4 good movies per month in heaven.