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Reviews for "LL - Fire and YOU"

A cool Lock Movie

I love the black and white style here and that music was so fitting so really nice work here on this one, great film, Im glad I have the chance to review this lock movie it has some nice scenes in this movie a cool lock movie you have here and the scenes were pretty nice with all the stuff going on and a decent little story going on here with this submission of a lock movie.

No major changes just make more of these



congratulations for getting 3rd place in the bi-weekly flash contest you should deserve at least a 2nd for this

MasterLock responds:

those award stealing bastards

Nice job yet again Master Lock.

This was another good Lock flash from you,i like the 20s style of animation with the black & white and text instead of voicing,throughout the flash it was consistently funny and overall i enjoyed watching this very much,great job Master Lock.

MasterLock responds:


AKA-stoned is not the brights one in the box

1. I havent seen this move yet
2. Its a Lock movie so I going to be good
3. Its Lock movie NOT Clocks

Duh *Hits chest like a retarted person*

MasterLock responds:

You must not have read his review carefully. He was misleading the reader by confusing clocks with locks, and then saying that locks were cool. Thanks for the review.


clocks suck. anyone who uses clocks are lazy and just plain gay. Clocks are stupid and immediatly should be blammed. But locks are cool, lol. This was a funny flash. I liked how it was old movie style.

MasterLock responds:

Phew, for a second there, I thought you were one of those ignorant retards who couldn't tell the difference between c/locks, and hated them. Swell.