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Reviews for "LL - Where Were We?"


mayb im a moron or somethin, but wtf...a mp3 player, A peach, trash, a nine ball, and sum red thing? Y did they all hav key holes on them....and wtf was the damn movie about....in 1 word.....SHIT!


That was smart!

Nice one

Hilarious, I loved it. Great to see a finished work, dude. You rock, and I lol'd.

<3 Toad Lock

It was good even though it was a good animation

Good Clock flash, I'm going to get flash soon and then I will make better than you flash hahaha biaotch I am going to own you and your clock buddies I didn't understand why they had holes on their faces but you should learn how to have a plot and be interesting and make movies that are better than what's on tv for me to appreciate them because I am a moron and have never even opened flash and don't realize how much work goes into them.

Lawl Secks Movie, Glad to see you finally get one done.



Very good animations