Reviews for "Cyrus Battle (Pokemon D/P)"

Very well done

My only real complaint is that a few of the MIDI instruments seem a bit soft, particularly the trumpet. Compared to the percussion, the trumpet is soft and can get covered up, especially if other instruments are also playing. 1:32-1:43 is where this becomes most apparent.

If there are any other flaws, they are things that would probably take a professional musician to find. I tend to be extremely critical of flaws, so well done.


not the rawest battle in the series though,..... hg/ss vs red battle, is the rawest battle lol but im not sayin dis 1s bad , like the guy below me said " its more than a remix"

Pure epicness

He was realy weak, my infernape took 3 of his four pokemon down.
This has left me speechless. This is diffrent than a remix. It is...more than a remix. Its original...the instruments make it sound more like a song than a remix. EPIC

You know what?

The Cyrus battle theme is my favorite battle theme of any Pokemon game. And you successfully nailed recreating it in High Quality, even surpassing the original. Well done. =] 10/10

Props to you!

Good job. I have never seen a person take a piece of music and make it into such perfection, that it proceeds the original compisition. One point taken off due to the fact that you used a MIDI that came off a filesharing site, but you must have a knack for recognizing instrument. That is where most of the score comes from. Hope to see more.