Reviews for "tsunami (demo)"


SHHHWEEEEEETTT game! you need to let us shoot them in the head thogh... but otherwise, feckin great job!


THE GAME ROCKS MAN! only is would of been better if you can move your character like doom,red faction,and half-life...that's what i'm trying to do only it doesn't work...
tell you this...code for the comp ok?
hit 2,then 1,then 3,then finally 4(too easy eh?)well do a good job on lev.2 on this...and local evil lev.4
best potal entry i ever seen(two thumbs up)

I love it!]

This game is some tight shit! Hell yeah!!!

Very well done...

Nice peice of work you have going here guys. The game reminds me of halflife, actually. The music fits really well, and it's just well put togeather.

About the only thing I'd recommend is when you click on the door after traveling through the portal, speed up the tween... it's overdone.

Quite clearly you've spent time on this. Good work.

Good, but like u said, needs work

Somethings to add, like health bars and more guns would be nice (pick them up and use them temporarily), also, it would be good if u could click the bad guy anywhere to kill them, add some new frags or ways they die, so it doesn't get to boring. Finally, a stronger story line and some better spelling skills, its a 5 out of 5 from there on in.

Things I liked: Graphics, Talking and interacting with people, a thinking element to the game.

Things I hated: Dieing on the first part of the roof becuase even though i was clicking the guys head, he wouldn't die so he shot me first, dammit!