Reviews for "Gauntlet - Medley"



Stage3-1 responds:

Will do.


...Man, i feel like my mind has jusy been unhinged...this is some great music, THIS is the reason why i visit Newgrounds baby!

Stage3-1 responds:

Hahaha. Thanks. Hopefully you can find some of the qualities of this song in my other songs. Plus I'm continually uploading tracks until the entire CD is up. Thanks for the review.

My ears had orgasms

FUCKIN' yup.

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Hell Fuck YES!

Who doesn't know what Gauntlet is? I spent literally hundreds of hours playing Gauntlet: Dark Legacy for the Gamecube with a friend of mine and it is a Fuckin Awesome Game!

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I should really look into that. This version was inspired by the NES theme. I played it on 64, but haven't had as much time lately to play video games.

awesome song and im trying to find the original gauntlet for the nes i recently aquired a nes and im trying to find all the old games i used to own and tips on where i could find them?