Reviews for "Gauntlet - Medley"


An epic song done in three diferent forms...THAT is true Awsomeness!
Keep it Up!!! :D

Stage3-1 responds:

Hahaha, thanks.

IF im honest..

I have no idea of its origin- what your remixing or your inspiration is, but-- either way.
It sounds fantastic- and it getting faster just makes it even more awesome....

I really do love it. It could be used for so much.

Stage3-1 responds:

Thanks. I highly suggest you look into it. Amazing game, on all platforms it was on.

Dude fuck yea!

i love gauntlet ^^

Stage3-1 responds:

You and me both.

My ears had orgasms

FUCKIN' yup.

Stage3-1 responds:


omg ...

i think god just talked to me by this song

Stage3-1 responds:

I did leave my mic on one night and mixed a little bit of that into the background. Maybe that's what you're hearing. Haha, just kidding. Thanks for the review.