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Reviews for "MK Konquest Adventure 1"

Good stuff

Yeah Meat Blaze is awesome. "Hes not british if you know what I mean." lol. Very funny I want you to keep it up Id love to see more. Extra features were also great.


that had me laughing till the end.... I DEMAND MORE!!!! ...plz?

haha that was good

nicely done with that ,made me laugh alot.keep up with the funny.....people like the funny ^_^

You are by far my most favourite author

I love your work with Mortal Kombat. Your unique comedy makes it all the better! The graphics are good, the sound is all the better! May I add you to AIM? I also loved the MKK series and your comics on your website. Looking foward to more. Please respond!

Nice one.....

Its alright, the only downside about it was that i noticed that meat-blaze has gloves and shoes now, thats a little weird. But it was pretty funny and I wish Shao Khan could of been in the movie itself, but its great anyway, well anyway Cheerio, uh raisin bran! lol