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Reviews for "MK Konquest Adventure 1"

Tea for preference?

Meat-Blaze kicks ass, tis a Brit thang o_o anyway... yeah.. good xD


all i have got to say is...wow that was so awomse man KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! oh and by the way....YOUR AWSOME haha

That was awesome!!

That is so hilarious if you have played Mortal Kombat: Deception. All the jokes there you will understand if you have played that game before. Hehehe, 87 years and 1 kamidogu.

This just rocks=)

After Id saw the other movies i must say youve made a big piece of good job. Actually its i didnt liked the first parts as much as this or the previous one But i really liked it through its specific kind of humour^^. Too bad its so little of shao kahns. Oh yeah and when looking at crew fix a bug cuz everywhere its kahn and in crew menu its khan. Everything except that is absolutely Good Nice and in style!

HAHAHA! Meat-blaze made this toon all worth while

As i put up there meat-blaze is the best in this toon.I watched it over and over again just to watch meat-blaze nice keep'em commin (add more meat-blaze)