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Reviews for "MK Konquest Adventure 1"


Dude that ruled!!
Keep it up Bezo!!!

Flawless Victory

That was awesome. Especially the special features. I can't help but try Emailing Shao Kahn. The commentary had me cracking up constantly. It was also great to see Smoke, poor guy's been through a lot.

You should submit the hidden scene on it's own, it was that great.

loved it !

well...i have never played MK myself.....but i THINK i understood most of the Humor....but yeah...i liked it :D cant wait for Part 2 !

well u did it again!

u made another good flash and i loved the comentary it was really funny!!! where did u get that ringtone also?

if i could give this mor than a 10 i would

this is tha funniest movie ive ever seen in my life!! Keep up tha mad good work i definetly wanna see more of ur stuff. lmao ninja, ninja, ninja, ninja, ninja, meat-blaze, meat-blaze, aaagh shang suang itsa shang suaaang. mad funny! cant say anything mor than that.