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Reviews for "MK Konquest Adventure 1"

very nice dude

Well i have to say it was good in fact very good, so good in fact i think even liu kang would watch it. Pretty much everything was perfect just work on the humor and bring some violence to the name of Mortal Kombat. A 4 out of 5.


This was some good shit, man. "You'll be like, REALLY old", hahaha xD
Keep it up!


A good Mortal Kombat flash here at Newgrounds! And it's pretty original! Can't wait for the next Episode. Although, you should draw Smoke in the next one, not trace. Sorry if you didn't, it just looks too alike him from Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Keep up the good work!


That was awsome , great work all around


This movie is truly fantastic. I love all the special features, including the hidden one, and the movie. My favourite special feature was Annoy Shao Kahn. That was absolutely hilarious. Everything I gave a 10 deserved more, especially humour. I can't wait for the next one.