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Reviews for "MK Konquest Adventure 1"

Hahahaha, Awesome to the max!!!

...aww, but I still like the old version!:P

me agian :D

once again youve out done yourself
this flash was also great!the shao kahn click thing was funny


Anyone who doesn't think this deserves a 5 should also see all the special features. :D


ninja ninja ninja ninja meat blaze meat blaze hahaha i loved it

argh its shang tsung

i love the extras!

the movie wasnt all that funny but i loved the commentary in it, and the extras was awesome especially kahn with his "will you stop touching me!" and the extra that you find when you click at a certain time in the commentary in which you can watch a loop of the badger dance parody except with ninjas and meat blaze. i loved it! 9/10