Reviews for "Adventures of Dr. Floyd!!"


It really needs subtitles, tha's all.

lol that was good

nice job! its good to see music out of the blue made into a music video unlike most people who take an average song.
the graphics were cool and were in sync with the sounds although on that matter u should try and use lip syncing other black mouths youd be suprised how much its noticed
well anyways well done and good luck on your nxt project;)

Dooby Doo

I like seeing a flash that not only has a lot of work put into the animation, but also the music. The flash world needs a few more people that are good at entertaining instead of just good at programming and graphic design. I think that you guys fit into that category pretty well. Thanks!

Could have been better

I like the animation and the style. Also the song was very catching and went well with the animation. Too short tho.

That was pretty darn good.

Calling me a whippersnapper hey back in my day we didnt disrespect our edlers by mocking them. Well the flash had a great song to it the graphics well were good but werent top 50 good. But its the music that counts so thumbs up ok.