Reviews for "[Microgalactic]"


this is a really good song, it is mellow, smooth, and it actually can sound a bit dirty in the right context... but i guess that is part of what makes house music. you should definitely make more songs like it.

teddygram responds:

Thanks! I probably will.


nuff said

teddygram responds:




teddygram responds:

Thanks for the review!


This is pure euphoria. May I ask, what kinda of saw is it that you use that kinda fades in & out with the kick drum? Is it just that the kick is such a high level that it overlaps the saw? I can't figure it out. LOL

I love the minimalism. :3

Anyway, this is lots of inspiration for me. I see that this it your only House song & it's amazing. I'll be even more amazed if you tell me that you've never done House before this. LOL

If I could give more than a 5 & 10, I definitely would~

teddygram responds:

I haven't lol. I wasn't even trying to make house, I was just making music. The saw is a sweep pad made of 5 saws. And yeah, it fades out when the kick comes in. Thanks for the review, really glad you liked it!

sounds familiar

was this in a game, cuz im sure i heard this somewhere, anyhow its great.

teddygram responds:

Not sure, if you find a game using it let me know because they haven't given credit. Glad you liked it though!