Reviews for "Song For Someone"

another awesome track!

and ya I agree with denvish - some more backup singers wouldve rocked - the acoustics rock tho!

good job!



I really like both of these tracks. I had them looping for about 5 times each while I was on the BBS. I like the girl's voice, and the guitar parts are pretty polished. Drummer could definitely hold it together, too. The only thing I thought was harmonies, I think a couple of extra vocal tracks would have added some more depth to the sound.

Cool beans, anyway. Wonder how long it'll take for these to hit platinum =)

liljim responds:

Steph was pretty ill when we did those recordings and her voice was starting to give after just getting the lead lines down.

It's a shame, because she had an amazing soprano part just before the outro on this track that would otherwise have been included; as it stands, she kept coughing and spluttering whenever she attempted that, so we had to leave that and any other backing we might have put in.