Reviews for "Song For Someone"


I thought the music was ok, the singing although is quite hard to hear in some parts. The lyrics seem pretty good, a bit repeatative, but that's just the choros, so I can't really judge based on the part that is suppose to be repeated.

I think the rythem for the lead guitar should be different, it seems that while listening it comes to focus more on the bassline, which is ok because the bassline is good. In some parts the guitar is just repeatadly playing the same notes, I think making the rythem for it more complicated might put more focus on it, or atleast have it sound a little better. This last paragraph pretty much just describes the chorus, the part where the singer says, "gotta go back".

I understand that this was made a while ago, and as you said, even 8 years before submitted to newgrounds, I am not telling you this so you can go remake your band and change this song, but just pointers so maybe to change any future music you possibly conceive. Good work, for an old recording, this is actually really good, but I can't change my score based on an excuse, sorry.


I remember you sending me this way back when over IRC. Listening to it brings back memories. It's an awesome track.

Not sure if you remember me or not, but hey anyway! :)

liljim responds:

My memory isn't quite on par with that of the Rainman, but it's not that shabby! Of course I remember you!

I can't honestly believe that you've come back after all this time and reviewed this submission. Flattering, to say the least - and I'm glad that you still like it.

Hope you're doing well for yourself.


she has a beautiful voice. sounds fantastic! a shame that you are no longer in it. what did you play?

anyways, awsome music!

I don't think this is the best you can do

liljim - I don't know what'll happen to me if I don't make a good review here, but I'll do my best.

Ok, for starters - it sounded like some sort of Punk/American Idol song - it's like you plucked Kelly Clarkson with a bad throat out of the crowd, and forced her to sing. Although, you did say she had a cold, so it would fit this problem well.

Next, the band in the background music was quite good, but... with the singer, who seemed to be singing at the wrong parts (seems that the singer's singing high at lower parts, and... no offense, but could've been much better), the music didn't go right.

And I couldn't really understand the words to this song. It seemed again, the singer was dropping off a bit too quick for me.

On the bright side, the song actually sounded alright at some points (when the singer was with the song), and when the refrain came up (there was one... right?) - the singer and the band definitly came through then.

This is my step by step review, liljim... hopefully, I reviewed it well, and I'm sorry for the harsh criticism... sorry!

liljim responds:

All of these tracks were recorded 4 years before American Idol was even conceived.

Not sure what you mean with the rest of the stuff - "seems that the singer's singing high at lower parts" - does that mean that a vocal line should follow a bass progression? If so, what if the bass line had been an octave higher, would that make it ok?

You mention "refrain", when what I actually think you mean is "reprise".

Don't ever apologise for giving your opinion, particularly when you do so with civility. I really do appreciate feedback on these tunes, but you must keep in mind that these were recorded nearly 8 years prior to them being uploaded here.


amst to buck you....

Lol jk good song

i,3 joo