Reviews for "Song For Someone"


Wicked! Your singer has a great voice. You could of had a great career as a band. Great tune!

very good

awesome song, though the vocal could been more powerful. it would sorta make your music more alive

another good song

yea thats right a good song !!! what you want some ....oops rock gets mastershake worked up =)

Interesting song, relaxing and pleasant to hear.

This is very envy-worthy material, you know ? :) The song is not perfect, and it could be improved in many , many ways... But hey ! If you made this almost 10 years ago, jesus... congratulations ! I wish I was in a band near this good when I was at higschool, heck... I even wish I was in a band like this right now :).
Kudos and good vibrations from Argentina !

like it

it was ok